Smarter digital solutions for the rail industry

Digitising the detail

Digital engineers with a passion for rail

Created by a team of rail industry experts, our ‘digital-first’ approach is designed to streamline processes and support our customers by providing a personalised digital solution that is optimised to your business objectives.

Knowledge breeds success and we achieve this success by having manageable objectives and measurable outcomes. By understanding our customer’s end goals, we design and deliver our step-by-step tailor-made strategies to best meet our customers needs.

Why start the digitalisation journey?

Seamless integration

Our solutions and recommended technology are easy to integrate and use, allowing for a consistent approach to processing your information and improving your digital service delivery.

Are you ready to start your digital transformation?

Powerful data

We manage data as a strategic asset. By harnessing more data, more effectively, we allow you to accelerate your decision-making, improve digital service delivery, and focus on your business performance.

We're here to help you with all your digital requirements

Business improvement

Increasing productivity and profitability. We provide strategies and action plans that enable our customers to achieve their goals and ultimately increase their revenue and profit margins.


We digitise your manual processes, this isn’t a rigid, ‘one size fits all’ system. Each customer is treated as an individual with bespoke solutions recommended based on their own unique operating environment.

The three stages of digital transformation

01. DigiWorx

Digital performance improvement through system integration. Small improvements that lead to experimentation, ultimately driving digital literacy and creativity throughout the organisation while improving processes.

02. DigiBoost

Digital transition strategy utilising experimentation to drive bold initiatives and recognise the strength in collaboration. Allowing research, work, and shared insights to contribute to new strategic roadmaps that blueprint digital transformation.

03. DigiGrow

Extended transition strategy where digital transformation becomes a way of business, and a new environment and culture is established. Processes have been put in place to allow the identification and engagement with technology and market trends in pilot and, eventually, at scale.

Why DigiRail?
Why now?

The proliferation of digital technology continues to have a profoundly positive effect on many companies – turning the traditional way that people communicate, collaborate and do business on its head. With the utilisation of modern tools and systems, organisations that are that embrace, create and integrate a digital transformation path are out-performing their competitors.


We call it Digitising the Details, and we are on a mission to help rail businesses do just that. Those that do will be perfectly placed to exploit the data, efficiency, and opportunity that infrastructure level digitisation will bring.

We believe in digitising the basics

For too long, rail industry data and industry processes have lived in a filing cabinet.


DigiRail is here to relocate that into an accessible place in a format that can be used, measured, analysed layered approach and gets the foundations right. Fast and affordable projects that gain rapid adoption and deliver benefits quickly.

Optimising business performance

Learn more about DigiRail and our global industry experience. Find case studies that feel close to home, understand lessons that can be learnt from adjacent industries and get a sense of comfort from our scale.

Hear from our clients


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