Digital Transformation – Lessons from a Parallel World

Digital Transformation – Lessons from a Parallel World

Tim Robinson, our Founder and Chairman gave a captivating speech at the Rail Business Daily I Conference Rolling Stock Networking (RSN) 2022.


An accomplished entrepreneur and a resilient leader with a track record of navigating companies through significant transformation, Tim has spent a decade in executive roles in logistics, transport, and freight in both the UK and internationally.  In this world ‘digital transformation’ is a way of life, not a major project nor a department at head office.


During his speech Tim talked about where he sees great opportunity for the rail sector supply chain as we embrace digital technology at greater scale, sharing some of the key lessons that the retail sector supply chain learnt whilst adopting to the ‘digital way of life’ to cope with e-commerce growth.


Listen to his speech here to learn more about how the rail supply chain can prepare for GBR.