Meet the team

DigiRail is a subsidiary of DVT, a dynamic technologies company

Our journey

In late 2019 technology entrepreneurs Tim Robinson and Chris Wilkins met to exchange notes on an opportunity to collaborate. Tim, a digital leader with a passion for rail had seen an opportunity emerging to bring fresh thinking around digital transformation to a global industry.

Chris, the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Technologies and an experienced builder of global technology businesses was looking to take the groups technology expertise and market leading products to new industries. DigiRail was born.


    Tim Robinson

    Founder/Chairman, DigiRail

    Tom Clare

    Managing Director, DigiRail

    Chris Wilkins

    CEO, Dynamic Technologies

    The leadership team


      Jaco van der Merwe

      DVT CEO


        Jason Bramsden

        Managing Director, DVT UK


          Damian Potter

          Executive Head: Microsoft Solutions and Project Delivery

          Victoria Todd

          Sales and Marketing Manager

          NADINE1 Mail

            Nadine Van Der Merwe

            Programme Delivery, DigiRail

            David McLoughin

            Non-Executive Director, DigiRail

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