We believe in digitising the basics

For too long, rail industry data and industry processes have lived in a filing cabinet.


DigiRail will relocate all your data into the Azure Cloud where it can be measured, analysed and used to deliver real value for your business. We start with the basics by delivering simple affordable projects that gain rapid adoption and deliver both financial and customer benefits quickly and efficiently.

Why start the digitisation journey

Knowledge breeds success and we achieve this by providing your business with access to the data and analytics you need to make the right decisions swiftly.


Through a structured process we will transform your business by improving efficiency, customer experience and delivering real competitive advantage which all leads to an improved bottom line.

Powerful data

We manage data as a strategic asset. By providing access to more data, more effectively, we allow you to make better decisions more quickly.

The benefits of digitisation

Seamless integration

Our solutions and technologies are designed to be easy to use and implement, providing your entire organisation with a consistent approach to processing your information.

Are you ready to start your digital transformation?

Business improvement

We design and implement strategies and action plans that enable our clients to improve their processes, integrate their systems and reduce wastage. Digitisation is the route to greater productivity and profitability for your business.


By responding quickly to technological advancements and by treating every customer as an individual, we’ll replace your repetitive manual processes with the most appropriate state of the art digital solutions.

Choose from our three digital transformation programmes

01. DigiWorx

Our entry level digital transformation programme improves process efficiency and organisational performance via system integration and stepped improvements. We’ll identify and implement small changes that deliver big bottom line results.

02. DigiBoost

Our intermediate level digital transition strategy recognises the strength of collaboration and the benefits of bolder digital solutions. Research, work and shared insights contribute to build new strategic roadmaps that create a blueprint for digital transformation.

03. DigiGrow

The ideal solution for any organisation that wants to fully capitalise on the benefits of digital transformation. Digital processes and integration become a way of doing business that is ingrained within your organisational culture. Digital processes are tested and scaled to maximise efficiency, improve customer experience and deliver significant return on investment.

Digital engineers with a passion for rail

The DigiRail team, partnering with DVT provides a powerful blend of digital engineering expertise combined with an in-depth knowledge of the rail industry. We have the proven ability to deploy an agile team quickly, with little or no setup cost.

DVT, founded in 1999, has grown to over 500 highly qualified personnel helping clients globally with making an impact in their digital technology transformation. With offices in South Africa (Johannesburg, Centurion, Cape Town and Durban), the United Kingdom (London) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam), together we build long-term partnerships with our customers.

Let us define the most beneficial digital transformation roadmap for your organisation, which we will commit to delivering one project at a time.

Why DigiRail? Why now?

Digital technology continues to have a profoundly positive effect on many companies – turning the traditional way that people communicate, collaborate and do business on its head.


Using modern tools and systems, organisations that embrace a digital transformation path are out-performing their competitors. Don’t get left behind – start your DigiRail transformation today.

Start your
digital journey

DigiRail is your perfect digital transformation partner. Start your digital journey today with the rail industries expert team. Let us help you to reduce waste, improve efficiency, empower your colleagues and deliver a market leading customer experience.


Gain real competitive advantage when you start your DigiRail transformation journey.

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