Digitising the detail


We provide you with tailored, fit-for-purpose digital solutions by digitising manual processes, integrating digital systems to provide consistent information, harnessing data to accelerate decision-making, improving digital service delivery, and focusing on business performance.

DigiRail sees a future for rail where every colleague embraces the digital way of working, where rich data drives most decisions, where industry-wide interactions at both commercial and operational level delivered via digital tools, and rail users see the benefit of digitisation in the way that they interact with us.

Facts About DigiRail

DigiRail was founded in 2020 and is a subsidiary of DVT, a Dynamic Technologies company

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    Global offices

DigiRail has a single industry focus backed by a multi-national multi-disciplinary delivery capability.


Why DigiRail? Why Now?

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We call it Digitising the Details, and we are on a mission to help rail businesses do just that. Those that do will be perfectly placed to exploit the data, efficiency and opportunity that infrastructure level digitisation will bring.

DigiRail is proud to be part of DVT. With over 1000 staff in the group and 20 years of growth, we have the digital expertise to modernise your business.

Digirail is application-agnostic; we do not bring one specific product/tool to the market. We bring a passion for integrating the best applications into core business processes, focusing on helping colleagues begin to adopt those tools and applications, and we commit to ensuring that data is harnessed from these applications and exploited in the day to day running of rail businesses.



For too long, rail industry data and industry processes have lived in a filing cabinet. DigiRail is here to relocate that into an accessible place in a format that can be used, measured, analysed layered approach and gets the foundations right. Fast and affordable projects that gain rapid adoption and deliver benefits quickly.

Digital Engineers with a Passion for Rail

Learn more about DVT and our global industry experience. Find case studies that feel close to home, understand lessons that can be learnt from adjacent industries and get a sense of comfort from our scale.

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