Company Overview

About Us

DigiRail is a subsidiary of DVT, a Dynamics Technologies company, with over 1 500 staff and 13 group companies providing a comprehensive range of software and digital solutions across multiple industries and sectors.

DigiRail delivers smart, sustainable, fit-for-purpose tailored digital solutions. We offer a powerful blend of digital and engineering expertise combined with an in-depth knowledge of the rail industry.

Our Journey

In late 2019 technology entrepreneurs Tim Robinson and Chris Wilkins met to exchange notes on an opportunity to collaborate. Tim, a digital leader with a passion for rail had seen an opportunity emerging to bring fresh thinking around digital transformation to a global industry.

Chris, the Founder and CEO of Dynamic Technologies and an experienced builder of global technology businesses was looking to take the groups technology expertise and market leading products to new industries. DigiRail was born.

Company Overview

Digital engineers with a passion for rail

DigiRail is a digital services business dedicated to rail and its supply chain. We work with customers to embrace digital technology and improve the efficiency of their operations. Delivering great benefits while retaining knowledgeable teams, allowing them to work smarter not harder.

We help clients integrate their digital systems, harness and exploit the data that those systems generate from bolstering your existing teams through to building bespoke software capability to provide our clients with a digital edge.

We digitise manual processes and integrate existing digital and non-automated processes into single digital streams, consistent, reliable information and data for accelerated and informed decision-making.

We start with the basics by delivering simple affordable projects that gain rapid adoption and deliver both financial and customer benefits quickly and efficiently. We have the proven ability to deploy an agile team quickly, with little or no setup cost.

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We provide custom software solutions and related professional services across the entire software development life cycle including:

  • Business Analysis

  • Cloud Services

  • Mobile App Development

  • UX/UI Design

  • Agile Technology Teams

  • Analytics Solutions

  • AI Solutions

  • Robotic Process Automation

  • Application Development

  • Application Modernisation

Let us define the most beneficial digital transformation roadmap for your organisation, which we will commit to delivering one project at a time