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Cloud Services

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Let us help you migrate your existing applications or develop your new applications to leverage the benefits of cloud services.

DigiRail can help you leverage the benefits of cloud services:

  • Cloud Consulting Services

    Choosing between a private, public or hybrid cloud can be a complex decision. We will guide you in comparing the features and benefits of the various Cloud platforms and Cloud providers and assist you with the appropriate Cloud strategy, architecture and platform, suited to your business.

  • Application Migration to the Cloud

    Re-host your existing applications to the cloud. We will do the necessary re-engineering of your applications to ensure you benefit from your chosen cloud platform.

  • Cloud Custom Developed Applications

    With a 15-year track record of developing custom applications and a track record of developing applications for the Cloud, we understand the intricacies of custom developing applications for the Cloud.

  • Cloud Based Analytics and BI Services

    By utilising cloud BI platforms, such as Microsoft Power BI, we provide business intelligence and data analytics services that deliver increased flexibility, scalability and speed up implementation.

  • Cloud Management and Support Services

    Public cloud options such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Cloud Ecosystem

We are skilled and experienced in Cloud services for Microsoft Azure and we have an excellent track record of providing custom solutions for clients utilising these services.

What we offer

  • Assessment of your existing applications for longevity and enhancements

  • A technical roadmap for your applications to accommodate your business needs

  • A cloud readiness assessment of your applications that includes detailed recommendations for Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) deployment

  • Gap analysis between business requirements and technical implementation

  • Mapping of business requirements to an application technical roadmap

  • Outcome: Documented 'as is' report with recommendations

Benefits of Cloud applications

  • Speed of implementation.
    Achieve business value by getting your applications to market faster.

  • Increased business innovation.
    With readily available cloud services, it has become much easier to implement business innovation initiatives that have typically been difficult to achieve due to the high cost of IT computing infrastructure. Organisations can move more nimbly than competitors who must devote IT resources to managing infrastructure.

  • Reduced operational issues and cost.
    By utilising standardised services, one can significantly reduce issues and defects, increasing business continuity and reducing time spent on operational matters. Data security is unlikely due to networked backups.

  • Flexibility.
    Users can scale services to fit their needs and pay for services only when needed.

5 key tips for designing and developing applications on Azure

There are many principles to look at when designing and developing applications on Azure. To ensure software quality and architecture excellence when building solutions on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, these five tips can be used as guidelines to ensure that they are scalable, resilient, and highly available. To summarise, these 5 tips are:

  • Security

  • Costs

  • Scalability

  • Resiliency

  • DevSecOps

These tips are also a good starting point for application modernisation using the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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