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Inspiring digital transformation

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Our competitive advantage

Cyber security designed for rail

The rail sector presents unique cyber security challenges, including geographical dispersal and the need for specific control methodologies. We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the best results within these specialised parameters.

Agile consulting and coaching

We can provide all of the specialist agile training, consulting, and coaching that you will need to ensure that your organisation will succeed in its digital transformation journey.

Business information and analytics solutions

Digirail provides comprehensive consulting, implementation and BI (Business Information) support. We can help your business to access, analyse and leverage more value from your data so that you are able to make informed decisions timeously.


Our wide range of services include UX research, design sprints, user testing and UI design for web and mobile. Let us help you create the best digital experiences for your colleagues and customers.

Robotic process automation

Leverage RPA (robotic process automation) to manage risk, reduce your administration costs and to bring efficiency and improved profitability to your business.

Application development

With DigiRail’s experience and expertise we can develop custom software applications for enterprise, web, desktop and mobile platforms. We work across open-source and proprietary technologies predominantly in the .NET, Java and Mobile space, to help customers working in the rail industry achieve real business value.

Cloud Services

Thinking of switching to the cloud? Choose DigiRail to help you migrate your existing applications or develop new applications to leverage the benefits of cloud services, including Cloud Consulting Services, Application Migration to the Cloud, Cloud Custom Developed Applications, Cloud-Based Analytics and BI Services and Cloud Management and Support Services.

Our 5 digital priorities


Planning and Resourcing




Collaboration results

Every DigiRail client is treated as an individual, with bespoke solutions recommended based upon their own unique circumstances. Our agile services and technologies adapt to meet your specific business needs.

Better customer experience

The principal objective of any company’s digital transformation is to better meet customers’ needs. DigiRail will implement strategies and action plans that will enable your organisation to serve your customers better.

Ability through agility

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to improve efficiency, make better decisions, streamline your processes, and deliver a better experience for your colleagues and customers.

New business models

Digitisation opens up an entirely new way of doing business – providing new models and opportunities to traditional enterprises. DigiRail helps organisations to adapt and to take full advantage.


Technology enables businesses to dramatically cut costs. DigiRail will identify opportunities in your organisation to reduce your labour costs, increase productivity and to empower your employees.

Compliance with data security

Any organisation’s network is only as secure as its weakest point. DigiRail will help to manage risk and optimise performance by using our specialist rail industry knowledge.

Competitive advantage

DigiRail’s digital transformation process reconfigures organisational activities, competencies, and models to drive efficiencies, cost savings and improved experiences. We’ll deliver real competitive advantage.

Keep your digital transformation on track

Digitisation presents a huge opportunity for businesses to redefine how they work and operate in the future. With big decisions to make and the need to maximise the return on your time and investment, take advantage of DigiRail’s rail sector experience, proven delivery record and agile working methodology to keep your digital transformation on track.

Let's help your business grow

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to improve efficiency, make better decisions, streamline your processes, and deliver a better experience for your colleagues and customers.